How to track the DARC DOK Award (DLD) with HRD?

Applies to HRD Release

I am currently moving from VQLog to Ham Radio Deluxe and check out how the award tracking works.

So I have entered two dummy QSOs and defined "Custom field 1" as DARC DOK:

Furthermore, I have set the confirmation status to "Yes":

Info: In an ADIF export, the
"Custom field 1" looks like this: <app_hamradiodeluxe_user_defined_0:3>L01
Note that "Custom field 1" becomes
This info might help when importing ADIF files from other loggers.

Then, I have created an award definition for the DLD.

From "My Logbook", go to "Awards Tracking" and then to "Definitions.

Here, click "Add" and fill the first section of the window based on your needs:

To fill the next fields, click to "Add" (on the upper left side) and enter the following:
  1. Select "Awards to track".
  2. Click to "Bands" and select the desired band.
  3. Click "OK".
A screenshot showing above entries:

The result looks like this:

To test the functionality, select "My Logbook" and click "Apply":

You see "Total matches 2" and two result lines, this is what I have expected to see.

Click OK two times and you are done.

The result looks like this:

A double click to the line (or a click to "QSOs") displays the worked DOKs:

A double click to a DOK (or a click to "View") displays QSO details: