Kenwood TS-590S digimodes settings

I am using the TS-590S in combination with the MicroHam USB III Interface and have wired it to the ACC2 and CAT port according this diagram.

People using this kind of "external sound card solutions" (also the one embedded into the
TS-590S), should also read about the "sound interface bug".

The following text assumes that you are using the
TS-590S rear ACC2 port and have not connected your sound card via the microphone and phone jacks.

How to configure the radio menue settings?

61 - Com Port Baud Rate: 115.200 bps
63 - Audio Input Line Selection for Data Communications: ACC2
66 - Audio Level of ACC2 Input for Data Communications: 2
67 - Audio Level of ACC2 Outout for Data Communications: 3
69 - VOX Operation with Data (USB/ACC2) Input: Off

How to configure the USB Router Software (v8.8.2)?

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If CW is done via the KY command, VOX must be enabled at the TS-590S.
Not in menue 69, but on the front pannel.

Since HRD is not able to do "pseudo FSK", RTTY is done via the sondcard:

Log4OM Settings:

UCX-Log Settings:

The CW Keying is done via CAT, so
VOX must be enabled at the TS-590S.

MixW Settings: